“Knock knock.”

- “Who’s there?”

“Massive adoption by Korean devs.”

Key Takeaways from Unite Seoul

  • Demand for Enjin in Korea is so high that we’ve hired a dedicated marketing team that will be 100% focused only on that country.
  • We’re expecting a strong adoption by Korean mobile game developers.
  • Multiple publishers of gargantuan MMO titles are extremely keen to integrate Enjin into their existing games.
  • We’ve demoed the creation of gaming items on the blockchain with our Unity SDK,  as well as trading of those items via the Enjin Wallet.
  • Unite Seoul was bloody amazing.

Korean Devs Love Us

Ever since GDC earlier this year, we’ve been touring the globe, spreading the gospel of Enjin, evangelizing our technology to tens of thousands of game developers across the pale blue dot — and building up anticipation for our upcoming Unity SDK.

Our Unity-partnership-powered world tour kicked off in Seoul, South Korea at the Unity Unite Conference.

For the first time ever, we successfully demonstrated the forging of blockchain gaming assets in Unity, as well as trading them via the Enjin Wallet.

Enjin VP of Engineering Pat LaBine and VP of Communications Roger Walco spoke at the conference, introducing Enjin to Unity developers in their presentation “Blockchain Gaming and True Item Ownership.”

In it, they provided attendees with a step-by-step guide to using Enjin in Unity.

Reception and feedback by Korean game developers was nothing short of amazing.

Demand for Enjin in Korea is so high that Roger Walco is still in Seoul  helping get our new dedicated marketing and partnership team set up.

This team will be 100% focused on the Korean gaming industry, as well as working on a super-secret project.

The desire to learn about this strange, new, and amazing blockchain technology was so strong that our team networked with game developers even after conference hours.

We met with some big Korean mobile MMO developers.

And we also organized a talk/Q&A session in Seoul, where we presented Enjin Coin to Korean cryptocurrency investors.

Like we said before, Unite Seoul was bloody amazing.

That's all for now. We've got some exciting things brewing in Korea, so stay tuned!

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