October was a busy month for our team.

In between attending and speaking at various events and conferences in Poland, the Philippines, South Korea, and the US, our Enjineers managed to…

They say the devil works hard, but I’m fairly certain that Enjineers pushing for planetary-scale adoption of blockchain technology work harder.

What better place to prove that than the City of Angels?

Unite Los Angeles: Where Creators Come Together

Unite LA covers the latest research, tech innovations, and developments possible with Unity—the world’s most dominant, widely-used content-creation engine.

It’s three days packed with unlocking the creative potential of the Unity engine, networking and brainstorming with Unity experts and industry leaders, and getting a peek at what Unity will bring in the future.

Since partnering with Unity earlier this year, Enjin has had a massive presence at Unite conferences across the world. We started at Unite Seoul, hopped across the Yellow Sea to Unite Beijing, then moved on to Europe’s tech capital at Unite Berlin.

Last but certainly not least, Unite LA was our final stop on the Unity event train in 2018—and a prime opportunity to promote our imminent Blockchain SDK for Unity.

Kicked off by a keynote in the city’s most venerable landmark, the Orpheum Theater, Unite LA brought together more than 1,000 Unity developers, engineers, artists, and teachers under one roof—including our dynamic VP duo of Patrick LaBine and Roger Walco.

On the expo floor, the Enjin booth was surrounded by the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA.

Needless to say, we were in really good company.

I spy Enjin at 0:08 and 1:42 ?

At the booth, we demoed our SDK for Unity developers (what else?), providing best practices for ENJ-powered game design and educating them on how the Enjin Blockchain Platform can enable them to grow and retain their user base, increase revenue, prevent fraud, regulate in-game economies—and build amazing video games powered by true item ownership.

The Blockchain SDK for Unity is so close we can almost taste it—and so can the many Unity developers we met during our time in LA.

Soon, it will be accessible to them (and 4.5 million other Unity game developers) via the front page of the Unity Asset Store—giving them the ability to harness the power the blockchain to mint ERC-1155 items and manage advanced gameplay mechanics more easily than ever before.

Meanwhile, in Seattle…

While our VPs took on LA, Enjin CTO Witek Radomski and Lead Engineer Andy Cooke headed to the Pacific Northwest for Gamesforum Seattle.

Gamesforum brings together senior executives, influential managers, and ambitious independent developers with the aim of supporting cross-platform game developers.

Regardless of where we go, we are continually humbled by the unwavering support of our community—and Gamesforum Seattle was no exception. Actually, it was particularly special.

At the Enjin booth, we met Grant—an incredible Enjin supporter who not only bought tickets to the event just to see us, but who also brought with him a binder full of Enjin-related pictures and a school project by his son Ethan.

How cool is that?

Check out this item Ethan created to thank us for sending his dad home with Enjin swag—the “Punk-Multiverse-Puma.”

The Punk-Multiverse-Puma drawn by our fan Ethan

Witek later took the stage to discuss my new favorite word: “blockchange.”

Joined by Reality Clash and CryptoKitties, Witek’s panel discussed how blockchain technology—and Enjin—are revolutionizing the way developers acquire, engage, and retain players and transforming the games industry.

Despite the grey skies, our time in Seattle further confirmed what we (and our community) have known all along: the future of Enjin is very, very bright.

No matter what event we attend or where it’s located, Enjin’s primary objective remains the same: to connect with new and existing partners, developers, industry executives, gamers, supporters, and influencers — and share the gospel of the blockchain.

One development and event at a time, we are breaking down the barriers to mass adoption of blockchain technology and educating people everywhere about how it can change the world.

At Enjin, we don’t fear blockchange—we’re driven by it.

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