The Chinese games market is colossal .

It's on a path to reaching a total of 720 million gamers by 2021 and is expected to reach a total of $42 billion in revenue by 2022.

China is likely to have the most game developers globally within three years, and roughly one-third of all Unity Engine-powered game installs come from China.

Taking these facts into account, it’s no surprise that we’ve put heavy emphasis on introducing Chinese game developers and investors to the Enjin Platform.

Following Unite Seoul in Korea last week, our Unity Unite conference tour continued in Beijing, China.

What surprised us the most is the sheer number of Chinese Unity game developers that were already familiar with our platform — and the extremely high level of interest they’ve shown for it.

“As I dusted off my rusty Mandarin and talked to game developers at the show, I was surprised my Mandarin is actually okay. Typical Chinese game developer, like a small startup that we’d normally think is 3–5 guys? That’s 50 people in China. The medium sized developer, say around 100 people—that would be 2,000 people here. The big studios? 5,000. So it was just insane.”

— Roger Walco, Enjin VP of Communications

We demoed our Blockchain SDK for Unity at the event and received overwhelmingly positive developer feedback. Perhaps the most frequent comment we received was about how easy it is to use.

We had a few high-profile meetings with big players in the Chinese games industry who are highly interested in using Enjin for their games and made some new friends along the way, networking with a few companies behind other Unity plugins that gave us some great ideas and referrals.

We were also featured on prime time news in China   on the Guangdong Television Network!

OKEx Global Meetup Tour

Back in March, Enjin Coin (ENJ) was listed by OKEx, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Being listed by the Chinese colossus furthered our mission to ensure worldwide ubiquitousness and easy access to ENJ for gamers and game developers .

Of course, we were delighted to take part in their Global Meetup Tour just one week after Unite Beijing Conference.

Enjin COO Lilia Pritchard spoke at OKEx Global Meetup tour in Singapore, introducing the attendees to Enjin Coin and talking about the Unity SDK, Efinity, War of Crypto, and the Enjin Wallet.

“When you have the utility and a natural demand, it creates a new dynamic. You won’t need to concern yourself about the speculation because people will start using the products and adopt them into their daily lives. If something is good, people will like it.”

— Lilia Pritchard, Enjin COO

Lilia also discussed the sharing economy enabled by the Enjin Platform—lending blockchain-based items, gamers using ENJ to pay other players for in-game services (e.g., building a complicated Minecraft redstone building, hunting and killing the player that pillaged a guild’s base, or helping out with a quest), as well as players teaming up and combining their skills to create the ultimate, valuable blockchain-based items.

Check out Lilia's interview with BlockAsia!

Until next time, see you in the chat room.

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