“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.”

― William Shakespeare

Depending on which hemisphere you find yourself in, it's either starting to get a bit chilly, or warming up nicely this time of year.

Every shift in seasons is a time of change, but one thing that does not change is our mission to drive forward mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

We saw a lot happen this quarter, from continued development of technology and tools to make blockchain accessible and straightforward to anyone, to innovative use cases emerging and new markets across the world opening up to Enjin, bringing with them hordes of potential adopters and users.

As we move into the home stretch of the year, let's look back on what we've achieved and what lies ahead.

Enjin Ecosystem Timeline

See the progress we've made on the Enjin Ecosystem, from development and adoption to partnerships and events.

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Ecosystem Development

Enjin Marketplace

Good things are worth waiting for. As Q3 came to a close, we released the long-awaited Enjin Marketplace, making buying and selling of blockchain assets a seamless experience.

Operating with the combined powers of our explorer and wallet, the Enjin Marketplace allows users to list any ERC-1155 asset, providing a safe, simple, and secure trading environment, along with a straightforward buying process that requires little more than scanning a QR code.

Allowing people to easily discover and trade ERC-1155 assets means that digital assets can carry real value more than ever before—all part of our mission to bring real economies to virtual worlds.

Introducing the Enjin Marketplace

You can now safely and seamlessly buy and sell ERC-1155 blockchain assets directly via the Enjin Wallet and EnjinX. The next step in the evolution in trading is here.


Enjin Wallet

Meet your new blockchain wallet. 

A cornerstone of the Enjin ecosystem, the Enjin Wallet is in a state of constant development and improvement.

Most recently, the secure mobile wallet app was updated to include Enjin Marketplace functionality.

EnjinCraft Beta

In May, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Minecraft by launching EnjinCraft, the world's first blockchain-powered Minecraft server.

This quarter, we opened beta access to the server, inviting members of the Enjin community and beyond to test it out and hunt for blockchain loot.

We even dropped early access codes to all Enjin MFT holders and integrated Multiverse items into the server.

Through closed beta, we've received invaluable feedback on a number of factors and look forward to opening up the server to the world, along with launching the plugin that powers it.

EnjinCraft Player's Guide

EnjinCraft is a demo server showcasing the robust form of blockchain integration made possible by our Minecraft plugin. Wallet linking, secure escrow trading, mini games, blockchain loot—here's everything you should know before you jump in.


Website & Blog

If you're reading this, you can probably tell that we've completely revamped our website.

Launched in September, the new enjin.io is tailored for adoption and built to better communicate the benefits of our technology stack.

As we and our ecosystem evolve, our official website should too. It's one of our most powerful branding and communication tools, and now any visitor can clearly see what we do—and what we stand for.

The new website also meant a new blog, moving the third-party solutions of Medium to our very own customizable format—but this blog facelift is more than just skin-deep.

Like the website redesign, our new blog is built to provide informative and valuable content to both game developers and blockchain audiences, establishing Enjin as an expert voice in gaming and blockchain alike.

How to Make a Video Game Trailer

Now more than ever, game trailers are an important tool for game studios and developers to raise awareness. Here are some hints to help you create a trailer worth watching—without breaking the bank.


Minting Milestone

In August, we hit a significant milestone in our minting history, with over 1% of the total supply of Enjin Coin (ENJ) locked in ERC-1155 tokens.

These assets represent everything from cutting edge video game items to trophies, charitable donations, concert tickets, and community in-jokes.

Remember, this is all before our platform has even been released on the Ethereum Mainnet—once that happens, anyone will be able to mint on their own and lock more ENJ into ERC-1155 assets of all types.


This quarter, we were thrilled to welcome Caleb Applegate to the Enjin Team as our new Chief Operating Officer.

Enjin Welcomes Caleb Applegate as COO

As we continue to advance our ecosystem and develop products and solutions to bring real-life econonomies to virtual worlds, we are pleased to welcome Caleb Applegate to the Enjin team as Chief Operating Officer.


Caleb's track record of success speaks for itself.

A successful entrepreneur and established business leader, he has served as a consultant, business owner (he is co-owner of Mineplex, one of the world's largest Minecraft servers and an official Minecraft partner), and film producer.

With over a decade of operations and consulting experience, he is perfectly placed to help ensure the continued growth, development, and evolution of Enjin, both in the realm of gaming and in business use cases beyond it.

Blockchain connectivity


Ivan on Tech: Enjin Blockchain Game Development Course

Popular blockchain educator/influencer Ivan on Tech is a big fan of Enjin, so much so that he created an Enjin-focused educational blockchain game development course as part of his Ivan on Tech Academy.

Enjin Blockchain Development 101

This in-depth course can guide beginners through the process of designing a game, programming gameplay, and integrating Enjin's blockchain infrastructure.



At the start of the quarter, we were thrilled to welcome Dissolution to the ranks of our featured adopters.

Built on Unreal engine, Dissolution provides a tactical FPS experience in a dystopian universe ravaged by rogue AI, with the ultimate goal of creating a living, breathing open-world MMORPG where players compete for blockchain-based resources and territory.

With AAA quality graphics and an intriguing storyline, the Dissolution team is here to prove that blockchain games are evolving—and they can be absolutely gorgeous.

Beyond Horizon

In July, Enjin's former VP of Marketing and current Marketing Advisor Simon Kertonegoro formed Beyond Horizon alongside the Kriptomat team.

A dedicated Enjin-powered app development studio, Beyond Horizon aims to create new possibilities within the Enjin ecosystem.

Beyond Horizon has hit the ground running, building Reewardio to help any brand or business customize, build, and integrate ENJ-backed customer loyalty programs.

Blockchain reward programs carry much more value than traditional ones, and Reewardio is leading the charge.

Rewards Points Are Pointless Compared to Blockchain Rewards

Today, loyalty programs are a part of every day life. Their effectiveness is well-researched, which is why most major companies utilize them. However, it goes without saying that not all loyalty programs are created equal.


Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

In July, cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat announced the first robust blockchain-based retail rewards program, Dragon Riders of Kriptomat.

Using ERC-1155 tokens, Kriptomat implemented a gamified rewards program experience, which has paid off big time—leading to massively improved engagement and increased revenue.

How Kriptomat Increased Their Monthly Revenue By 1700% Using Blockchain Rewards

Over a 6 month period, blockchain-powered rewards directly helped to increase Kriptomat's community engagement, customer retention, and social outreach—outperforming any marketing tool they utilized previously.


ERC-1155 Supported on 0x Protocol

In early August following a community vote of 0x token holders, ERC-1155 support was added to 0x protocol, further solidifying the Multi Token Standard's place in the Ethereum community and ecosystem.

This makes it easy for any exchange running on the 0x protocol to integrate support for ERC-1155 tokens, increasing avenues for adoption.


In August, CoinCodex celebrated the official adoption of ERC-1155 as an Ethereum standard by playing host to a massive ERC-1155 giveaway, including a grand prize CoinCodex Ultimate token backed by a whopping 35,000 ENJ.


In September, we were pleased to be selected as the first utility token listed on Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX), reflecting the recognition Enjin has earned for relentlessly building innovative solutions.

This listing was also significant given SCX's integration partnership with a regulated Swiss bank, which allows its 140,000 institutional investors to purchase cryptocurrency (including ENJ) through their existing investment platforms—removing much of the complexity that currently keeps people from getting into blockchain/crypto.

Enjin Coin is First Utility Token Listed on SCX

Swiss Crypto Exchange (SCX)—the first regulated exchange in Switzerland for cryptocurrency and blockchain products—has announced the listing of Enjin Coin (ENJ), the first utility token to be listed on the platform.


Gemini Custody

In mid-September, licensed exchange Gemini introduced a crypto custody solution called Gemini Custody, with ENJ included among its 18 supported digital assets.

Gemini Launches Custody Product With 18 Cryptos Including Ethereum Tokens

The Gemini exchange is launching an institutional-grade crypto custody solution, according to an announcement Tuesday.


Partnerships & Collaborations

Binance Pink Care Token Alliance

In early July, we joined forces with the Binance Charity Foundation and other crypto projects in helping issue Binance's first-ever social impact stablecoin as part of the Pink Care Token (PCAT) Alliance.

Driving forward real-world impact of blockchain, this charitable project aims to alleviate period poverty and empower 1 million women in developing countries by improving feminine health and well-being.

HashPort Accelerator

We're always on the lookout for active developer communities. After making great strides in Korea, we said こんにちは (or "hello") to Japan, making inroads into one of gaming's largest and most historically-significant markets through a strategic partnership with HashPort accelerator in Tokyo.

Expanding in Japan: Enjin Partners with HashPort Accelerator

As we work to grow Enjin’s popularity in the Japanese gaming and cryptocurrency markets, we are proud to unveil our strategic partnership with Tokyo-based accelerator HashPort.


The Land of the Rising Sun has always been a hotbed of game development and technological innovation.

Now with the support and local expertise of HashPort, Enjin is better positioned than ever to reach out to the Japanese developer community and fly the flag for blockchain gaming in the world's 3rd-largest games market.

Stack Up Charity

Alongside the launch of the Enjin Marketplace at the end of the quarter, we were pleased to collaborate with prominent military charity Stack Up to create a special Flashbang token, which has already been adopted across six games in the Enjin Multiverse.

All funds raised from the Stack Up assets sold on Enjin Marketplace directly support the charity in its mission to support military service members through the power of video games.

Enjin Coin



In July, we were invited to join an expert panel at the BUIDL Asia conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Blockchain UniVRse

In mid-August, we participated in our first ever virtual reality conference at Blockchain UniVRse—taking the message of bringing real value into virtual worlds directly into a virtual world.

Technical Meetups and Workshops

In late August, technical education was the focus of multiple meetups in North America, with an ERC-1155 meetup in Santa Monica, USA, followed by a Blockchain Developers Workshop led by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski in Vancouver, Canada.

Spreading the word about blockchain in general and ERC-1155 in particular as the leading token standard remains a crucial aspect of our mission.

Meetups in Korea

September saw Enjin participating in several meetups in South Korea, including the Google Developers Group (GDG) Meetup in Busan and Binance Meetup in Seoul, where we continued to educate Korean game developers and blockchain enthusiasts in one of the most gaming-centric countries in the world.

Tokyo Blockchain Game Conference

In September, we made our first public appearance in Japan at the Tokyo Blockchain Game Conference, where we introduced the potential of blockchain game design and economies to eager Japanese game devs in our keynote presentation.

Binance AMAs

Following our AMA with the Binance global community in April, we were invited to participate in additional AMAs with Binance's Russian and Korean Telegram communities, where we fielded questions, shared information about our ecosystem, and of course dropped a few Beam QR codes.

Enjin x Binance Russia AMA
In our second AMA hosted by Binance, Enjin CTO Witek Radomski and CMO Ilija Rolović answered questions for thousands of Binance Russia community members.

Looking Ahead

It's been a busy quarter as usual, but we'd rather look forward than look back, so let's keep moving.

What do we hope to see happening in the next quarter and beyond?

More BUIDLing, more adoption, more relentless obsession with quality.

Y'know, the usual.

But to be more specific, we're looking forward to our blockchain game development platform going live on Ethereum Mainnet.

This will give every developer the ability to mint their own custom ERC-1155 assets with real ENJ and integrate them into their software with ease (e.g., with our Blockchain SDK for Unity), opening the floodgates to boundless creative possibilities.

Q4 will also mark two years since ENJ was officially launched on the 1st of November 2017. Ain't no party like an Enjin party! ? ??

We are truly proud of everything we've created in the two years since we took our first tentative steps in the new and unexplored world of this nascent technology.

Whilst many others have faltered and fallen away, Enjin has come out of some particularly challenging and trying times in the blockchain world stronger than ever.

This is because we've always had a distinct and clear vision of where we're going—and made sure we have the right people to take us there, from our fearless co-founders and tireless team of Enjineers coding behind the scenes, to our active and supportive community inspiring and championing us every step of the way.

If you haven't already, it's about time you join the movement.