It’s a great honor to announce that we are launching the Testnet version of our open-source Java SDK alongside the world’s first blockchain-powered Minecraft Server—EnjinCraft.

The Blockchain SDK for Java: Out Now!

Java developers can now effortlessly create, manage, and integrate blockchain assets into their platforms using the language they know and love.

As a developer, you can use this SDK easily and customize it freely.

We have adopted an open-source codebase as a testament to the collaborative nature of the Java community. We encourage you to recreate this SDK however you wish, build on top of our framework, and build new SDKs that can do things we never even imagined.

Our flexible blockchain development platform provides a structured API that makes it simple for Java developers to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain via the Trusted Cloud.

Minting sophisticated blockchain assets on Ethereum is now easier than ever.

An immensely popular coding language, Java is used to develop:

  • Games: Minecraft, Runescape
  • Web Applications: Gmail, Google Docs
  • Applications: Blu-ray Disc Java, Open Office
  • Android Apps: All native Android apps

Java is widely considered one of the most stable and reliable ways to build large systems and is undeniably one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

It is a robust option for developing game servers, especially those that host intricate multiplayer experiences.

Therefore, our Java SDK provides an easy option for server-side game logic that is also useful for game developers already building with our Platform API, as well as the Unity and Godot SDKs.

Start Building with the Blockchain SDK Today

Access the world's most powerful game development platform through the JDKs you know and love.

Ignite the Movement: Join the Enjin Spark Program

Members of our early adopter program have already earned nearly $1 million in crowdfunding and revenue.

If you’re a Minecraft server owner or Java developer, you can now use the Testnet version of our platform to successfully integrate a blockchain economy into your server.

Announcing Enjin Spark: The New Wave of Enjin Adopters

The second Enjin adopter program is now open—and ready for the next generation of pioneers to join the ranks.

Once that integration is complete, if you would like early access to the Mainnet version of our platform that will enable you to launch a full-scale blockchain-integrated Minecraft server, we welcome you to join Enjin Spark, our new featured adopter program.

Simply apply, and you can be treated to a host of early adopter benefits that can help you market, fund, and monetize your project in new and exciting ways.

Enjin's Minecraft Plugin: Coming Soon

With the launch of our new demo server, the most popular game in the world, played by 91 million people, now features intuitive blockchain asset integration thanks to our Minecraft Plugin.

But this isn’t our first time releasing tools for Minecraft servers.

Our Minecraft e-Commerce plugin, DonationCraft, boasts over 5 million downloads and has helped server owners earn millions of dollars.

While DonationCraft was a simple plugin that enabled servers to accept PayPal and credit card payments, our Minecraft Plugin will soon enable server owners to integrate a full-fledged blockchain economy—a potentially transformative capability.

If you’re a Minecraft server owner, you will be able to integrate real-world economies of value, provide your players with tangible ownership over the in-game assets and currencies you offer them, and create assets that can spill over into your chat rooms, websites, and the multiverse.

The potential of this is massive, but the concept is completely foreign—which is why we’ve also launched the closed beta version of our very own Minecraft demo server that is built with our plugin: EnjinCraft Server One.

EnjinCraft Server One: Available in Closed Beta

Built with our Minecraft Plugin on Mainnet, the purpose of EnjinCraft Server One is to enable you, as a server owner, to experience how powerful in-game assets become when they run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Map designed by Minecraft legends, Elysium Fire.

Blockchain assets are simply amazing—you can distribute them via your server or completely separate games, apps, websites, online stores, chat rooms, and social media platforms. Your players can own them forever, trade them freely, and—of course—jump into your server and use them seamlessly.

The new forms of social gameplay you can create with our tools can spill out of your server and into people’s lives in previously impossible ways.

After 10 years of supporting the Minecraft community by providing tools that enable players to connect on a personal level, our debut Minecraft server features the world’s first peer-to-peer blockchain asset trading, hourly loot drops, and the ability to use your blockchain assets within the server.

Coming iterations of EnjinCraft Server One will feature extended gameplay and interoperability of assets between Minecraft servers and other games, apps, and websites.

Yes, you heard that right: you will be able to receive assets from other games, apps, and websites and use them in our Minecraft server—and vice versa.

If you want to see the world’s most robust blockchain-integrated Minecraft server for yourself, join our community in the hunt for blockchain assets.

Take the scenic route and visit our visionary CTO’s humble abode.

The World’s First Blockchain Assets for Minecraft

The Enjin Army has already stumbled upon the treasure trove showcasing the world’s first blockchain-based Minecraft assets.

Now, it’s my pleasure to share even more epic news: the two most unassuming assets in the EnjinCraft collection will become Multiverse items!

The Wooden Sword and Wooden Shield are now playable on EnjinCraft Server One and will soon also be usable in over 30 other games!

Here is the current list of games and platforms these two humble multiverse items will be usable in, along with a rough estimation of when you will be able to experience playable, blockchain-integrated releases of each:

Each game developer will have complete freedom to redesign these in-game assets to suit their game’s environment, so the Wooden Sword and Shield will provide you with unique inventory in each game.

For example, here’s what you’ll get when you use these two items in Space Misfits, a 3D space sandbox MMO:

What are you waiting for?

Join EnjinCraft and start hunting down these powerful new assets!

Explore Minecraft's First Blockchain Server

Complete mysterious quests, search for blockchain assets, and trade securely with your newfound friends.