With the launch of the Enjin Platform and our Blockchain SDK for Unity last month, blockchain gaming took a major step toward mainstream adoption.

And with every step we take in that direction, usability becomes of increasing importance.

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to usability and accessibility time and time again, from our ad-free, user-friendly explorer to our platform enabling devs to create blockchain games without writing any blockchain-related code.

Now, in our continued effort to make using blockchain technology as simple and easy as possible, we are excited to join the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) and integrate the FIO Protocol with the Enjin Wallet to further advance its seamless, intuitive user experience.

About FIO

FIO is a consortium of leading blockchain wallets, exchanges, and payment providers that seek to accelerate adoption by reducing the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving crypto assets.

FIO is developing the FIO Protocol, a decentralized open-source blockchain protocol that will enable  greatly enhanced user experience for FIO-enabled wallets, exchanges, and applications—including the Enjin Wallet.

Our collaboration with FIO will allow for easier navigation and transfer of tokens between wallets, players, and the Enjin Blockchain Gaming Multiverse.

“We are delighted for Enjin to join FIO, as there’s tremendous synergy between our teams. With their plans to make decentralized assets cross-universe and exchangeable between gaming platforms, Enjin’s vision is totally in sync with the Foundation’s goal to make tokens easier and less risky to move between wallets and exchanges and outside of the ‘walled gardens’ of each blockchain.”

― David Gold, Founder and CEO of Dapix

The FIO Protocol

If blockchain is to achieve its potential of enabling easy decentralized movement of value and assets, the usability of moving that value between wallets in a decentralized manner must dramatically improve.

➡️ Enter the FIO Protocol.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized, open-source service layer that removes the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving tokens  and coins.

Putting an end to the need for lengthy 64-character gibberish alphanumeric strings to transfer tokens, the FIO Protocol enables simple, human-readable public wallet addresses.

With the FIO Protocol enabled, sending and receiving tokens and coins from any blockchain on any wallet or exchange will become easy and error-free.

“Normalizing the use of human-readable addresses is paramount to achieving long-term, mass adoption of blockchain.

We are proud to work alongside FIO to push for mainstream accessibility of this technology and work toward a decentralized future that everyone can partake in with zero learning curve. The FIO Protocol is an essential tool to make this happen.”

― Maxim Blagov, Enjin CEO

In addition to being completely decentralized and self-sovereign, the FIO Protocol is blockchain, wallet, and exchange agnostic. It provides an enhanced layer of connectivity and usability features, making cryptocurrency payments and transfers on any blockchain as easy as using a mainstream service like PayPal.

Ultimately, the FIO Protocol will enable a long list of usability capabilities, including easing refunds, enabling subscription payment models, secure routing of multi-signature requests, cross-wallet data visibility, and more.

Giveaway: FIO Express

The FIO Express token will be usable in 22 games.

To celebrate our collaboration and upcoming integration of the FIO Protocol with the Enjin Wallet, FIO is hosting a giveaway!

FIO is offering all giveaway participants an “FIO Express” token that will be playable in 22 games, including 9Lives Arena, Age of Rust, AlterVerse, Bitcoin-Hodler, Cats in Mechs, and Containment Corps.

To claim your FIO Express token, complete the required actions in this form.

We believe the Enjin Wallet’s superior features,  speed, security, and usability  will result in it becoming the default cryptocurrency wallet for blockchain traders, hodlers, and gamers.

Don’t believe us?

Check it out and see for yourself.