To celebrate the launch of EnjinX, we're giving away 15,000 ERC-1155 tokens backed by over 200,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ)!

How to Enter

Start collecting points by following the simple steps listed below!

  1. Retweet, follow, share with your friends, and more. Go through a few steps—or all of them to collect the maximum 100 points.
  2. Work together as a community! Lootdrop rewards will be released via our Telegram channel, based on three total points-based milestones. You’ll be able to claim these awesome rewards by scanning a QR code with the Enjin Wallet.
  3. The more points you collect, the better chances you have to win one of the three main epic prizes.

We are giving away everything from Frozen ENJ and epic Multiverse items to special-edition HODL tokens and enigmatic, legendary Tradesmith items, as well as a single, mysterious Ansible—one of the first ever minted ERC-1155 tokens.


The giveaway features two types of rewards.

Main Prizes

Main rewards will be won by three random, lucky winners—and feature never-before-seen Tradesmith items, as well as a nifty sum of Frozen ENJ.

While every participant with even a single point has the chance to win a main prize, the more points you have, the more likely you are to win!

1st Prize

  • 20,000 Frozen ENJ
  • Ansible
  • Shadow Model 1
  • Timeripper
  • Hodler’s Amor

2nd Prize

  • 10,000 Frozen ENJ
  • Shadow Model I
  • Timeripper
  • Hodler’s Armor

3rd Prize

  • 5,000 Frozen ENJ
  • Timeripper
  • Hodler’s Armor

Community Lootdrop Rewards

Upon reaching three designated point milestones, Lootdrop rewards will be delivered via Enjin Beam QR code in our Telegram channel.

Milestone 1: 100,000 Points

Work together as a community to get to 100,000 points total! Once this milestone is reached, we will release the first Lootdrop containing 1,000 prizes, including Hodler’s Armor, Timeripper, Oindrasdain, Archspire, HODL, and Frozen ENJ.

Milestone 2: 500,000 Points

Join forces with other giveaway entrants and get to half a million total points. Once this milestone is reached, we will distribute the second Lootdrop—a magical blockchain chest containing 5,000 prizes, including Shadow Model I, Hodler’s Armor, Timeripper, Oindrasdain, Archspire, HODL, and Frozen ENJ.

Milestone 3: 1,000,000 Points

Game on! One million points means the third and final Lootdrop will be posted. This epic box of goodies will contain 10,000 prizes, including Shadow Model I, Hodler’s Armor, Timeripper, Oindrasdain, Archspire, HODL, and Frozen ENJ.

What is an Enjin Beam Lootdrop?

Our QR airdrop system Enjin Beam makes receiving blockchain assets easy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install the Enjin Wallet on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Scan the Enjin Beam QR code, which will generate a random prize.
  3. Claim your prize and receive it safely in your wallet.


Tradesmith is a gamified, blockchain-based experience built specifically for blockchain enthusiasts and the amazing Enjin community.

Hodler’s Armor

The only extant description of the mystifying suit of armor now commonly known as “Hodler’s Armor” can be found in the lost, second edition of the Forgemaster Chronicles.

Here’s a few recovered excerpts:

“…of the key individuals responsible for the birth of the Tradesmith faction, James Hodler was born in a magical realm—yet raised in a world devoid of the arcane. A living legend, he was worshiped as a deity on more than a few primitive worlds, and gained his initial fame as a…”

“…pursued by the ruthless Shadowguard of Niocene Republic, Hodler wanted to end the chase, once and for all. The legendary multiverse mercenary, adventurer, artefact hoarder and occasional revolutionary needed a new weapon, one that could change the very fabric of space and time to his benefit, so that…”

“…which ultimately led him to Hlara, a talented mythspell weaver. Aided by the mysterious sorceress, Hodler managed to forge the very first suit of armor. Capable of generating a stable, configurable electro-magical Enjin field, the armor enabled Hodler to modify physical laws and constants in a small area of any realm, finally giving him…”

“…quickly disbanded after the Second Nicene Revolt broke out, ignited by the Arch-Consul’s mysterious death, enabling Hodler to venture interrupted across…”

“…today usually known as ”gravideath”, often preferred by Tradesmiths equipped with Hodler’s Armor, as a method for dealing with tax collectors and…”

Shadow Model I

Nicolas Axelrod, the eccentric inventor and a titan of industry has hidden thousands of vehicles across the Foundry, the colossal space habitat that serves as the unofficial headquarters of the Tradesmith faction.

Eighteen thousand square kilometers and countless high-rise buildings hide the pinnacle of the electro-magical automotive industry—Shadow Model I.

The marvelous limited-edition, slick racer is powered by twin electro-magical engines, and comes equipped with an inertial dampener that allows it to accelerate from 0 to 1,000 km/h in a single millisecond, with a top speed of over 5,000 km/h.

While hiding 10,000 superior, breathtaking machines might seem like a bizarre, costly PR stunt, they are not easy to find by any means. Each Shadow is hidden by an electro-magical field that moves it in both time—and space.


The story of the fall of the Sovereignty of Helicon-Helix is a sad one—and there is no silver lining.

The chain of catastrophic civil wars that fractured the Empire left its former domains in a state of complete, melancholic chaos.

What little civilization survived the onslaught was clustered around the emerging Elaeinid Culture, which managed not only to preserve, but to nurture and advance the precious, arcane knowledge.

A terrifying weapon of war, the first Timeripper was constructed by an Elaeinid forgemaster, with a noble goal in mind: to turn back the tides of time and save the once glorious Sovereignty.

The design proved to be flawed—the Timeripper would not allow for traveling back to the time before it was activated.

All it could do is to create an hour-long time loop—an endless series where the wielder could die countless times, only to be resurrected by the sword each and every time. The sequence would only end once the wielder pressed the trigger once again.

The new electro-magical blade design failed to resurrect the old Empire— but it brought a new one to life. Being able to go through potentially countless iterations of the same fight turned even the most unskilled soldier into an elite, undefeatable warrior—meaning that even a single sword could turn the tide of an entire battle.

Multiverse Items

ENJ-backed blockchain gaming items usable in 25+ games.


Oindrasdain is a fearsome and powerful weapon.

According to the Saga of the Seven Worlds, the battleaxe design was invented by the members of the Order of Sylas, a legendary faction of mages that toppled a god-tyrant, lifted the barriers keeping them trapped inside their own realm, and continued to mercilessly spread their rule across the multiverse—as well as their mystical knowledge.

The secrets of the Order found their way to countless sorcerers across a myriad of realms, who used their newly-obtained craft of mythspell weaving to infuse weapons with powerful electro-magical properties—the cleaver becoming one of the most replicated designs.


Sometimes known as “Starborn Icicles,” Archspires are created in the aftermath of anomalous supernova explosions.

Each time a sapphire star made of burning ice and materialized thoughts implodes, it scatters the Archspires throughout the five dimensions of space and time.​​

​These strange artifacts can be found through many universes, taking countless shapes and forms. What they have in common is the relentless, arcane fury contained within them—pure electro-magical energy in the form of ENJ.

Frozen ENJ

Frosty ERC-1155 tokens backed by Enjin Coin. Melt them down to receive the ENJ from within!


“HODL” was minted in 2018 for our amazing community of epic Enjin HODLers. We are extremely grateful for the trust you’ve put in us, our products, and our mission—and we hope you’ll love this token of our appreciation.

The enemy king sent a single message, written on a parchment stained by blood.

“You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your hodlings, slay your people, and burn your city to ashes.”

Hodlers of ENJ sent a single word as reply: “If.”

The battle that followed does not come around too often, a battle that began every legend told about the warriors that gained eternal glory.

The battle that followed seemed like a lost one from the very beginning.

The enemy army was revealed at dawn, illuminated by the rising Sun. The ground shook as countless hordes marched towards a small band of men armed with shields, spears, and swords.

The hodlers were outnumbered, 1,000 to one.

Fear, doubt, and uncertainty did not reach their hearts and minds—for they were born for this.

Each hodler was bred for warfare, instructed in bloodshed, groomed to become a poet of death.

A philosopher of war, blood, and glory.

Each man was forged into an invincible soldier that had a single driving force during each battle.

Stand your ground—at all costs.

As the swarm of enemies approached, the king yelled, asking his men: “Hodlers! What is your profession?”

“HODL! HODL! HODL! HODL!!! HODL!!!!!” they replied, hitting spears against their shields.

An endless stream of arrows fell from the heavens only moments later, blocking out the Sun so they could fight in the shade. They emerged from the darkness without even a single scratch, protected by their legendary Enjin shields.

Wave after wave, their enemies rushed towards their doom, as they were met with cold tips of thrusting spears and sharp edges of crimson swords.

Against all odds, the wall of men and steel held against the never-ending, shilling swarm.

What was left of the enemy army retreated, fleeing in absolute panic and indisputable terror.

Bathed in blood, the ENJ hodlers were victorious.

Their story will be told for thousands of years, immortalized with divine blocks and chains.


The Ansible is a connection terminated error1155;


Contest Timeline

  • Start: December 27, 2018
  • Finish: February 20, 2019
  • Winners announced and prizes distributed: February 27, 2019

Terms & Conditions

Violation of the giveaway’s Terms and Conditions will result in disqualification.

EnjinX Launch Giveaway
To celebrate the launch of EnjinX, we are giving away over fifteen thousand ERC-1155 tokens - backed by over 200,000 ENJ. Rewards include everything from Frozen ENJ and epic Multiverse items to special-edition HODL tokens and enigmatic, legendary Tradesmith items — as well as a single, mysterious An…