What is EnjinCraft?

EnjinCraft is a demo Minecraft server that showcases a robust form of blockchain integration made possible by the EnjinCraft Minecraft plugin.

Our goal is to show the Minecraft community how the blockchain experience can be interwoven with Minecraft gameplay.

Take a tour through the blocky world of EnjinCraft.

Getting Started

To join the server, you'll need Minecraft Java Edition.

Select Multiplayer - Direct Connect, and enter the server address enjincraft.com.

In the world of EnjinCraft, you can import items from your blockchain wallet and use them in the server. You can also play five mini games to receive blockchain loot.

There is a specific set of blockchain-related commands used in EnjinCraft. These functions are native to our Minecraft Plugin, so server owners can integrate these features into their Minecraft worlds with ease.

Type /enj and press (enter) to see the full list of blockchain commands:

/enj commands

Wallet Linking

To use and receive blockchain assets in EnjinCraft, you will need to link your wallet.

To begin this process, type /enj link in the chat.

Here’s a video to guide you through the steps:

Secure Escrow Trading

A key feature of EnjinCraft and our Minecraft Plugin is the secure escrow trading process that enables two players to trade items with full confidence that they will receive what they expect.

Type /enj trade invite <player> to initiate a trade with another player.

If you have received an invite, press (t) to open up the chat log and left click (Accept) or (Decline).

Here’s a video to guide you through the steps:

Play Mini Games

You can earn blockchain loot in EnjinCraft by playing five simple mini games.

Every 10 minutes, a loot chest will randomly appear at one of the mini games. If you want what’s inside, you’ll have to race to the mini game and be the first to reach the chest.

Use these /warp commands to teleport yourself where you want to go:

  • /warp Spawn: Return to the server’s spawn location.
  • /warp SkyHunt: Teleport from platform to platform by throwing ender pearls.
  • /warp ParkourPark: Jump and balance your way through this challenging parkour course.
  • /warp ChestChasers: Search all the known hiding spots in the village.
  • /warp KilltheCaptain: Climb and fight your way to the highest point on the epic statue.
  • /warp LavaDungeon: Jump, balance, and fight atop a precarious lava pit.

Run, jump, and fight your way to the chest to get there before anyone else does, then right click on it to receive its contents.

Start Exploring

We truly hope you enjoy EnjinCraft.

Please keep in mind that this is a demo server intended to show Minecraft server owners how blockchain can function in their own servers.

Our core focus is creating an ecosystem of tools that developers and server owners can use to create their own amazing gaming experiences, so this is where we will continue to focus most of our time and energy.

See you in the server.

In the meantime, join the EnjinCraft Telegram group to provide feedback and chat with your new friends!

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