Almost two months after its initial Android release, we are pleased to announce that the Enjin Wallet is now available for iOS users via the App Store!

Enjin Wallet on iOS

The iOS version of the Enjin Wallet comes packed with the same safety features as the Android version, with top-of-the-line security architecture, total control of your private keys, memory encryption, Enjin Secure Keyboard, and the Rule of Two Encryption.

The Enjin Wallet foundation rests on our top-of-the-line security architecture.

The user interface is also identical—designed for simple, fast coin management, combining a mobile-first approach with a seamless, blazing-fast interface.

Total Security

The Enjin Wallet foundation is built on its top-of-the-line security architecture and takes inspiration from hardware wallets. With our combined UX/UI and development experience, we went above and beyond to make a mobile app that can turn your smartphone into a hardware-like secure wallet on non-rooted devices.

The Enjin Wallet never holds or has any access to your funds, so you are in total control of your private keys. You can always restore your wallet or funds on any device with your 12-word recovery passphrase.

Enjin Secure Keyboard

We built our own proprietary keyboard that prevents any form of data sniffing or keyloggers. The keyboard is built into the wallet itself with three secure options and ability to randomize keys for the ultimate level of input protection.

Rule of Two Encryption

The Enjin Wallet uses two completely independent layers of cryptography to protect the keystore and confidential data.

A data security principle from the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified Program, Hardware 256 AES encryption is employed on the lower level and software encryption is utilized at the application layer.

Memory Encryption

Data is held in encrypted memory and any important values are instantly deleted from memory after processing.

12 Words and a Pen

In case your device gets lost or you forget your password, you can restore your wallet and funds at any time with just 12 words written on paper.

YOU are in control—so back up your wallet and safely store your 12-word recovery phrase!

We’ve added quite a few other items to push security to an extreme level with the goal of making this wallet almost as secure as a hardware wallet on non-rooted devices.

A note on rooted devices: Our security features work optimally on non-rooted devices (non-jailbroken iOS). We only recommend running the Enjin Wallet on non-rooted devices.

To further strengthen and prove our security, we have commissioned 3rd-party audits and penetration testing with trusted security researchers and experts to ensure that the Enjin Wallet remains ultra-secure and tested before each new release.

Security Review: Enjin Crypto Smart Wallet

ORU Information Security | September 2018

We can confidently state that the Enjin Wallet is more secure than any other mobile blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet in the world—and that its security is proven.

Smart by Design, Simple by Choice

The Enjin Wallet is designed for fast, simple coin management, combining a mobile-first approach with a seamless, blazing-fast interface.

While the wallet is an integral part of the Enjin ecosystem, we did not build a cryptocurrency wallet that’s just for gamers and developers—it's built for everyone, cryptocurrency traders and hodlers included.

A Wallet for Any Coin You Own

The Enjin Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and all ERC-20 tokens.

Powered by Enjin Explorer

The Enjin Wallet does not rely on 3rd-party services or block explorers.

We built our own custom explorer, hosting full-node blockchains for optimal security and speed for all transactions. This powers the Enjin Wallet with detailed transaction information and other great features.

Instantly Import Your Wallet

Import from all major wallets to the world’s most secure mobile wallet, with just a few easy steps.

Smart User Interface

The Enjin Wallet will feature a Smart UI that evolves on the fly to suit your specific needs. The wallet behaves as a normal trading or hodling wallet with no gaming features at first sight.

If you ever decide to interact with a virtual good or gaming platform, the wallet UI will evolve on the fly to display the associated game related features.


Display your cryptocurrency balances in local currency values, updated in real time.

Detailed Transaction Info

View all the important details for all your transactions instantly. Supports detailed transactions info for all tokens and coins.

Optimal & Custom Fees

Transaction fees are calculated dynamically, for optimal sending. Alternatively, you can set your own custom fees and limits.

No Ads, Always Private & Free

We take user experience, security, and privacy extremely seriously.

The Enjin Wallet is an essential piece of a larger picture—one that aims to disrupt the gaming industry—therefore it is and will always be completely free and void of any annoying ads.

We’re well aware of the extent that cryptocurrency traders value privacy, which is why the Enjin Wallet is focused on security and privacy.

We strongly believe that our product can grow organically, on merit alone—same as our 20-million-strong gaming business founded in 2009.

We also believe the Enjin Wallet’s superior features,  speed, security, and usability  will result in it becoming the default blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet for traders, hodlers, developers, and gamers.

Don’t believe us?

Check it out and see for yourself.