We are thrilled to announce the first major update for the Enjin Wallet, suitably named “Infinity.”

Update Summary

  • Create and manage infinite wallets
  • ARM security upgrade (direct assembly compiled)
  • Track and watch any address or public key
  • Automatically add and detect tokens with a balance
  • Colossal speed boost
  • Ability to handle huge accounts with billions of transactions
  • Import MEW/private key/keystore/BIP38/WIF/XPRV
  • Import and sweep for BTC and LTC
  • Quick send/receive slide on coin list
  • Enjin Secure Keyboard usability upgrade
  • RTL languages adjustments
  • Optimized gas price selector
  • All CoinMarketCap listed tokens added and will auto-add in future
  • Powered by EnjinX with instant detailed transaction data

  • The Infinity Update

    ARM Security Upgrade

    Making the Enjin Wallet as secure as technically possible has been our priority from the very start.

    We’ve pushed the technical boundaries with out-of-the-box innovations—developed a custom keyboard from scratch, used both software and hardware encryption, and implemented other safety features in order to push security to an extreme level — and made the Enjin Wallet almost as secure as a hardware wallet on non-rooted devices.

    We have continued to push the boundaries, taking security to a whole new level with our “Infinity” update.

    All existing wallets on the market (including financial bank apps) rely on standard libraries for decryption and encryption.

    While these libraries are commonly used in millions of mobile apps and are considered secure, they do not provide direct control over how long data stays in memory before garbage-collection by the Android & iOS operating system.

    Now, all critical operations used in the Enjin Wallet have been rewritten and compiled into ARM instructions (Assembly), which provides the Enjin Wallet direct access to mobile memory and hardware.

    This ensures that the wallet has full control over the mobile device, and doesn’t use any higher level languages or libraries for all of its core functionality: decryption, encryption, signing transactions, imports, and all security-related operations.

    Major Speed Boost: Powered by EnjinX

    Transaction, huge balance accounts, and loading speeds have been dramatically improved, meaning the world’s most secure wallet is now also the fastest.

    Create Infinite Wallets

    The Enjin Wallet now empowers you with the ability to create, import, track, and use an infinite number of blockchain wallets.

    We’ve also implemented a handy swipe feature, so you can quickly swipe left on token or coin in you main list to reveal quick links to sending and receiving.

    Organize Your Finances

    Organizing your finances is a lot easier when you can split your funds into different allotments.

    Now you can create a savings wallet, a trading wallet, a business wallet, and unlimited other wallets—all in one streamlined, easy-to-use, extremely secure app.

    While this feature will definitely benefit traders, it will be useful for gamers as well.

    Gamers might take advantage of this feature to segment their wallets based on the game genre (e.g., one wallet for MMOs, other for MOBAs), or in a similar way as traders—to split their gaming items into those they want to trade & those they want to keep, and maybe show in a virtual gallery.

    Track Your Hardware Wallets

    Find the cable. Hook it up. Enter the password. Go nuts when the app is not working. Check the cable. Try another USB port. Try again.

    If you’ve never experienced frustration when trying to hook up your hardware wallet to your PC, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

    Now, the Enjin Wallet has a new, convenient feature: you can use it to instantly view your hardware wallet balance and transactions.

    Anyplace, anytime, with a fast, simple fingerprint verification login.

    Track Infinite Wallets

    Maybe there’s a whale causing fluctuations in the market, a scammer receiving transfers from victims, or a friend bragging that they have more crypto than they really do.

    Now you can track any BTC, ETH, or LTC address and watch all of their transactions in real-time.

    Import & Sweep

    You can now import BTC and LTC private keys (BIP38/XPRV/XPUB) and import from MyEtherWallet (keystore/private key).

    You can also sweep BTC and LTC!

    We listen to members of our community.

    You should sweep a private key if someone else has or will ever have access to the private key—for example, if someone gave you a paper wallet or the private key was published online.

    This will prevent a thief from ever being able to spend the crypto associated with it, even if they have or ever get access to it. If the private key (or paper wallet) will be used again in the future, then you can keep it and sweep its contents again once more funds are sent to it.

    Auto-Add Tokens

    Manual token selection is old news; the new token auto-add feature is all the rage!

    When you import or create a watch wallet, you can automatically add the tokens from the list into the imported wallet. Say you import a wallet that holds VEN and ENJ, but you don’t actually know you have VEN.

    By using the auto-add function, it will automatically populate ENJ and VEN on your wallet for you, so you don’t need to manually select the tokens you want shown.

    Enjin Secure Keyboard Update

    The world’s most secure input keyboard received various optimization and usability updates—and sports a brand new look.

    We believe the Enjin Wallet’s superior features,  speed, security, and usability  will result in it becoming the default blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet for traders, hodlers, developers, and gamers.

    Don’t believe us?

    Check it out and see for yourself.