Many people believe decentralized applications (DApps) are the future of the internet—and the Enjin team is among them.

Not just because of their inherent decentralization, but also because of the ease and usability that comes with asset-integrated web browsing.

A well-crafted DApp browser enables you to jump onto any blockchain-integrated website (or DApp), initiate processes that require the approval of your blockchain wallet (like sending crypto or assets), validate the transaction with ease, and receive the resulting crypto or assets directly to your wallet.

We believe this has massive potential to transform our relationship with the internet, seamlessly integrate digital asset ownership into our browsing experience, and enable us to build an online identity that transcends the walled garden of any individual platform.

Thus, we are thrilled to announce that the feature-packed Enjin Wallet now features a fast, flexible DApp browser.

A Superior Browsing Experience

The Enjin DApp Browser removes multiple complexities from the browsing experience, including the need to:

  • Log in to multiple websites to verify your asset inventory
  • Input your payment details when making online purchases
  • Input the delivery address for the asset you have purchased

All of these operations can now be performed with the click of a button.

This one simple pop-up box replaces an entire checkout process that would typically involve logging into PayPal or entering credit card details, as well as registering an email address or creating an account where your virtual assets would be delivered.

With the Enjin DApp Browser, customers can sign transactions with 100% custody over their funds while enjoying new levels of security and self-sovereignty.

With every new industry-leading feature we add, from blockchain asset support to in-wallet token swap, the Enjin Wallet is evolving into much more than just a wallet.

It’s becoming a multi-purpose platform; a one-stop app for all your decentralized needs— and the world needs decentralization.

We’re beginning to envision a future where the Enjin Wallet will become to the decentralized world what WeChat is to China—except Enjin Wallet users will be protected by our resolute dedication to impenetrable security and privacy, as well as the unbiased personal sovereignty of Ethereum’s decentralized, immutable ledger.

The future of the internet is here—and it’s free and fair.

Upon entering the Enjin DApp Browser on your Android device, you will find a number of featured DApps—a curated list of DApps that we believe provide compelling use-cases for blockchain technology.

Specifically, we aim to promote DApps that provide solutions to problems that centralized databases simply can’t fix.

If your project meets this description and you’d like to have it featured in the Enjin DApp Browser, contact us today.

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We believe the Enjin Wallet’s superior features,  speed, security, and usability  will result in it becoming the default blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet for traders, hodlers, developers, and gamers.

Don’t believe us?

Check it out and see for yourself.