Months ago, we needed a seamless way to distribute valuable blockchain assets.

We started with a simple idea: scan a code, receive an asset.

And thus, Enjin Beam was born—a first-of-its-kind technology that enables you to distribute blockchain assets via any visually accessible medium.

Now, we are thrilled to announce yet another Enjin Wallet update that brings support for a new type of Beam: Reveal Codes.

With this update, your favorite blockchain asset wallet has gotten even more feature-packed, with reveal codes, device notifications for inbound Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and assets, the ability to set notifications for watched wallets, several updates to the in-wallet token swap system, and an updated transaction page.

Update Summary

  • Reveal Codes: Receive tokens with hidden messages/codes
  • Receive device notifications for incoming Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and assets
  • Set device notifications for watched wallets
  • Enjin Wallet Swap: Changelly Fixed Rate exchange option added
  • Enjin Wallet Swap: View coin balances in selection dropdown
  • Enjin Wallet Swap: Select “max” to fill in max value
  • Transaction page updated with new design, information, and direct link to view transaction on EnjinX

  • Beam Reveal Codes

    Game studios, retailers, and other service providers and businesses can now send next-generation Ethereum-based ERC-1155 assets containing “reveal codes” via Enjin Beam.

    When unveiled, these hidden messages can deliver benefits such as discounts, event tickets, access keys, gift cards, and much more.

    This means your favorite store or brand can now send you promotional items, coupons, and more via your favorite blockchain wallet—from burgers and pizza vouchers to software subscriptions and gift cards for your preferred gaming platform.

    How It Works

    Like the Enjin Beam QR System, reveal codes are simple and seamless:

    • Users scan an Enjin Beam QR code to receive an ERC-1155 asset straight to their Enjin Wallet.
    • Tokens containing hidden codes display a “REVEAL CODE” button, which will unveil a special message or code when pressed. Only the wallet’s owner can choose to reveal and view the code.
    • Once a code is revealed, it cannot be hidden again.
    • Users can trade unrevealed codes with each other.

    Any customer-facing business can use this new technology to boost customer acquisition and engage their audiences by placing Beam QR codes containing promotional assets onto any visually accessible advertising medium—from flyers, billboards, and websites to packaging and receipts.

    The use cases for this technology are seemingly limitless.

    Why It’s Important

    Discount codes, gift certificates, and unique keys are commonly used within some of the biggest markets in the world:

    • Global Retail: generated US $24 trillion in revenue in 2015.
    • Travel & Tourism: generated US $7.6 trillion (10.2% of global GDP) and 292 million jobs in 2016.
    • Global Restaurant Industry: estimated to generate over US $3 trillion annually.

    Businesses within these sectors rise and fall based on their ability to acquire and retain customers.

    • Acquiring a customer can be up to 25x more expensive than retaining one.
    • 61% of retailers cite customer retention as their biggest obstacle.
    • Studies show that 60% of customers are interested in receiving codes via email for use at checkout.
    • 69% of customers acknowledge that their shopping decisions are regularly affected by reward or loyalty programs.

    Loyalty and reward programs can be extremely effective tools for customer acquisition and retention, and the Enjin ecosystem—including the Enjin Wallet armed with Enjin Beam and ERC-1155 assets containing reveal codes—is quickly becoming the most powerful customer acquisition and retention tool in the blockchain space.

    What’s more—it’s available to use right now.

    Push Notifications

    You asked; we listened.

    The Enjin Wallet now features highly-requested device notifications to ensure you never miss a beat—or an item.

    By enabling push notifications, you can now see ERC-20 cryptocurrencies and ERC-1155 blockchain assets landing in your wallet in real time.

    Upon receiving a new item to your Enjin Wallet, a push notification will display the relevant token image, name, amount, and storage location.

    Enjin Beam QR code addicts, rejoice.

    Gone are the days of constantly refreshing your collectibles wallet after scanning an Enjin Beam QR code! You’ll now be notified as soon as that shiny new item hits your wallet.

    But this update isn’t limited to your own wallets—it works with wallets you’re watching, too.

    Want to be alerted for every incoming transaction on Binance?

    Okay, maybe not.

    But you can opt to receive notifications for any wallet you’re monitoring and get notified in real time as tokens are being received to that address.

    Because the Enjin Wallet enables you to create, monitor, and manage infinite blockchain wallets, we’ve made it easy to manage device notifications for specific wallets via the “manage wallet” settings.

    In-Wallet Token Swap Updates

    Just over a month ago, we launched Enjin Wallet Swap—the world’s first native, decentralized multi-swap wallet integration featuring Kyber Network, Changelly, and Bancor Network.

    This update gave Enjin Wallet users the power to seamlessly convert nearly 200 tokens from thousands of available trading pairs without ever leaving the security of their wallet app.

    Enjin Wallet: World's First Multi-Swap Support

    Use the Enjin Wallet to seamlessly convert over 300 tokens from thousands of available trading pairs thanks to the world’s first native, decentralized multi-swap wallet integration featuring Kyber, Changelly, and Bancor.

    Now, we’ve made Enjin Wallet Swap even more convenient and seamless.

    We know that details matter—so users can now view balances for all of their coins in the token swap selection dropdown, as well as select “max” to fill in max value.

    We’ve also added a Changelly Fixed Rate exchange option to provide users with certainty regarding the fees they’ll pay when using Changelly to convert tokens.

    Our work here is not done, and we will continue to improve the Enjin Wallet Swap experience, with additional natively integrated token swap platforms coming soon—so stay tuned.

    Transaction Info ft. EnjinX

    Our transaction information page also has a fresh new look!

    The updated page features quick visual confirmation of transaction status and a simple green check to let you know your transaction has been completed successfully.

    The page also now includes a direct link to view transactions on EnjinX—our ultra-modern, user-friendly, fast, ad-free Ethereum blockchain explorer.

    EnjinX was designed with a pivotal mission in mind: to speed up mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by making its data easily accessible to everyone.

    Forged at the intersection of pioneering technology and user-centric design, EnjinX provides a simple yet highly visual search, real-time search results, and easily understandable blockchain data.

    Announcing EnjinX: Ad-Free, User-Friendly Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

    EnjinX is a modern, fast, responsive web app for exploring Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, ERC-1155 blockchain assets, and blockchain data.

    By connecting this fast, user-friendly blockchain explorer with the equally user-friendly Enjin Wallet, we are taking yet another step toward our goal of making the understanding and use blockchain data as simple, streamlined, and enjoyable as possible.

    We believe the Enjin Wallet’s superior features, speed, security, and usability will result in it becoming the default cryptocurrency wallet for blockchain traders, hodlers, and gamers.

    Don’t believe us?

    Check it out and see for yourself.