Two months ago, the Enjin ecosystem took a major step forward with the public release of our blockchain game development platform.

Since then, over 550 forward-thinking developers have already downloaded our Blockchain SDK for Unity, and nearly 5,000 are tinkering on the Kovan Testnet via the Enjin Platform.

We are blown away by these numbers, highly impressed by the speed at which these talented developers are working, flattered by the deluge of requests for early access to our Mainnet tools, and beyond excited for what’s to come.

The future of the Enjin ecosystem is brighter than ever.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the second iteration of our adopter program: Enjin Spark.

Enjin Spark: The New Wave of Enjin Adopters

Last year, we opened our Early Adopter program to provide exceptional developers with the exclusive opportunity to access and build with our tools on Testnet.

Through this program, we welcomed 20 innovative developers building over 40 games, apps, and websites—the pioneers of the Enjin Platform and the Enjin Multiverse.

These early adopters have seen great success, building their communities into the thousands and earning nearly $1 million in crowdfunding and revenue—all before the launch of their games.

Congrats to Spark developer The Six Dragons for raising over $90,000 in the first 24 hours of their pre-sale!

We understand that revenue and community building can prove amongst the most formidable foes faced by a developer when entering the creative arena.

Much like our original adopter program, Enjin Spark is designed to prop open the doors to adoption and give exemplary studios a jump-start on using our powerful blockchain game development tools, a boost in building their communities, and a spotlight to showcase their amazing titles.

By joining Enjin Spark, you’ll join the ranks of our early adopters—an invaluable resource in itself. You will receive early access to the Enjin Platform on Mainnet, consultancy from our dedicated team, and a collection of powerful Multiverse items for your game.

Not to mention, you’ll have the eyes and attention of the dedicated Enjin Army, with your best gameplay footage and content shared across Enjin’s 200,000-follower strong social media and community platforms.

Early Mainnet Access

By far the most highly-requested benefit of Enjin Spark, you will receive early access to our Mainnet tools—enabling you to mint next-generation ERC-1155 assets backed with real Enjin Coin (ENJ).

You can use these ENJ-backed items in pre-sales and for community-building and marketing purposes such as contests, giveaways, and more—before even launching your game.

Forgotten Artifacts is offering limited edition Founder’s Packs and Early Access Packs to pre-sale supporters. These packs contain ENJ-backed blockchain assets and other benefits.


Our goal is to help you create the project of your dreams, on your own terms.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Through Enjin Spark, you’ll receive dedicated consulting time with our developer support team. We’ll answer your questions, assist in blockchain implementation strategy, connect you with our other knowledgeable adopters, and ultimately, help you make the most of our tools.

Multiverse Items

Last year, we announced the Blockchain Gaming Multiverse—an interconnected, cross-platform gaming experience that has since grown to include more than 30 Enjin-powered games and platforms.

A collective gaming reality created by integrating a collection of blockchain assets with multiple games.

A real-life, decentralized Ready Player One.

As a Spark member, you’ll receive a collection of Multiverse items for use in your game. These powerful blockchain assets can be used across multiple games and platforms, with their form and function varying based on each game’s world, lore, and design style.

Check out how Stormwall, the Multiverse shield, is being implemented by 9Lives Arena, Age of Rust, Bitcoin Hodler, Cats in Mechs, and AlterVerse:

Stormwall will be usable in 32 games/platforms (and counting).

The Multiverse enables a new level of collaboration among developers.

By creating a catalog of Enjin Multiverse assets for use by our adopters, we’ve formulated a clear path to mass adoption of the multiverse—with hopes of seeing it snowball into something completely beyond our control.

Worlds Beyond Worlds

A catalog of Enjin Multiverse blockchain gaming assets.

Ignite the Movement: Join Spark

Like our Early Adopter program, we aim to attract the very best and brightest developers with Enjin Spark.

So far, we are thrilled to have The Six Dragons, Forgotten Artifacts, Space Misfits, and Spirit Clash on board.

In order to join them, you’ll need to demonstrate/provide three key things:

  • Fully functional Kovan integration
  • An outline of how you envision Enjin fitting with your game
  • A website

Note: These are the minimum specifications. Fulfilling these requirements is not a guarantee of admission into the Spark program.

Kovan Integration

With our Testnet tools publicly available for all to use, we want to know that you’re serious about building and have fully functional Kovan integration playable within your game.

This means you have successfully minted items on the Kovan Testnet and made the connection between your game servers and the Ethereum blockchain. A player can enter your game, acquire a blockchain-enabled item, watch it appear in their wallet, and use it to perform an in-game function.

Here’s an idea of what we’re looking for:

Kovan integration demonstrated by The Six Dragons


Needless to say, the success of our adopters is important to us.

To ensure we can help you make the most of this opportunity, we want to learn more about your thought process and goals when it comes to the Enjin Platform. How do you envision Enjin complementing with your game?

Provide us some insight into your strategy. We’d love to hear about it!

Take this blog post from Spirit Clash as an example:

Spirit Clash: What does Enjin mean to us?

We have all been in the Enjin scene since ICO and we’re all massive backers of the company and the product. We have all been excited about the project and exactly what it brings to the gaming world.


It’s important for any upcoming game to have a central place for their current and future user base to access information and learn more about the project.

So it should come as no surprise that, in order to be considered for Enjin Spark, you must have a presentable, mobile-friendly website, complete with SSL certificate and screenshots and/or gameplay trailer.

Consider the website of our early adopters Forest Knight as an example:

Discover the World of Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game for mobile that allows players to build their dream team and go on an adventure through the fantasy world of Chronville.

With the announcement of Enjin Spark, we are also excited to officially welcome Space Misfits to the program.

Space Misfits is a complete 3D space sandbox MMO with space PvP, trading, player-owned stations, and planet colonization.

A testament to their talented development team and the usability of our tools, Space Misfits completed blockchain integration with the Enjin Platform in just two days (yep, 2). Check it out:

Unique features of Space Misfits will include: intense PvP space battles with real pilot inputs; a player-run economy with trading and logistics; an ENJ collection feature enabling you to passively collect cryptocurrency just for logging in and playing; and player-owned stations enabling owners to earn in-game currency and ENJ from all services that take place within their stations.

In preparation for their upcoming alpha launch, Space Misfits has launched a shop offering unique rewards to supporters, including the Misfit Support Token (MST).

Similar to other founder’s tokens, MSTs will provide holders with ongoing airdrops, alpha access to the game, and the ability to earn revenue from three major central stations, which will be shared among MST holders.

Space Misfits has some seriously exciting things in store, so join them on Telegram to ensure you don’t miss out.

Your space sandbox awaits.

During the French Renaissance, influential minds gathered in Parisian salons, sharing ideas that often manifested unexpected wonders of literature, painting, and philosophy.

Now, as we find ourselves amidst a digital renaissance, we hope to foster a similar degree of collaboration and camaraderie among Enjin adopters that will manifest in groundbreaking, decentralized gaming creations.

Who might you meet? What marvels might you build?

But more importantly, what are you waiting for?

The gates are open, and your time is now.

Join the movement.

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