We are pleased to announce that the 19 million-user-strong Enjin Network now supports an additional payment method: Enjin Coin (ENJ)!

Users are now able to purchase Enjin Network plans with the Ethereum of Gaming—at a 10% discount.

The implementation of ENJ as a payment solution marks the first step—and a pivotal moment—in the integration of ENJ with our social gaming platform.

While ENJ can be used to back the value of Ethereum blockchain assets and develop complex, groundbreaking digital products like gaming multiverses, the Enjin Network integration demonstrates a much simpler use case: payments for goods and services.

As the ENJ-powered meta-economy grows and evolves, we believe that game industry businesses will begin to implement ENJ as a payment solution for their virtual and real-life goods and services.

Use-cases range from game server hosting companies and gaming influencer marketing platforms, to game development tools and resources, marketplaces, and gaming hardware stores—essentially any game industry business that has gamers and/or game developers as customers.

The new Enjin Network crypto-payment gateway is simple: when the plan is selected, the paying user is prompted with an address and an amount. Once they send the exact amount to the address and enough confirmations have surpassed, the days are added automatically to their site.

Currently, it’s only available to users who are prepaying for their plan but we’ll eventually make it possible via subscriptions, as outlined in our roadmap.

Stay tuned for more!