Imagine earning an epic sword in a high fantasy MMORPG and carrying it in a gaming inventory app on your smartphone, where it's accessible at any time.

Visualize hopping into a sci-fi action game created by another studio, where your rusty blade is now rendered as a cyborg-slicing plasma saber—with the same item stats as in the first game.

Picture checking your phone on the go and receiving a notification that yet another game developer has integrated the epic sword—this time as an ancient scroll unlocking an exclusive weapon-forging facility in their steampunk strategy game.

That's interoperability.

There's immense potential value that can be unlocked by game developers of all sizes and genres when gaming assets are readily accessible for integration by anyone, rather than being locked away in dark silos, surrounded by minefields of restrictions.

But interoperability goes beyond shared individual items; it opens up potential for shared progression, characters, and questlines, too.

Besides unlocking futuristic game mechanics, it's also mutually beneficial.

There's a common misconception that because gaming is such a crowded field, developers must, by necessity, be in direct and fierce competition with one another.

At Enjin, we believe in the power of collaboration and are passionate about helping gamedevs move away from being isolated, lonely islands.

Joining an archipelago is way, way better.

That's where the Enjin Multiverse Program comes in.

Enjin Multiverse

Introducing the Enjin Multiverse Program

Born in August 2018, the Enjin Multiverse has grown far beyond the initial pioneering group of six games, with shared assets integrated across a myriad of different studios, genres, programming languages, platforms, and game engines.

With the recent public launch of the Enjin Platform, adding new virtual worlds to the vast multi-dimensional gaming expanse has become much easier, faster, and simpler.

Today, we are excited to launch the Enjin Multiverse Program and open the doors to innovation and collaboration for a new generation of gamedev pioneers.


Being selected for the Multiverse Program will bring you straight to the attention of our amazing, active community, which has supported Enjin-powered games with marketing, community management, and crowdfunding.

As a member of the Enjin Multiverse Program, you'll receive:

  • A selection of Multiverse assets to help kickstart your blockchain journey.
  • A free 1-year Enjin Platform Pro Plan subscription ($950 value), giving you enough API calls to create functional blockchain games, and allowing you to build multiple projects at the same time.
  • Access to the Enjin Adopter Slack organization, with a channel solely dedicated to your game. You'll also gain access to exclusive Slack channels for official Enjin Adopters, enabling you to spark collaboration and initiate discussions with fellow devs.
  • A dedicated Powered by Enjin page, showcasing your game and driving traffic to your website, social media, and game publishing platforms.
  • Developer success support, including generalized marketing and integration support from the Enjin team, so you can build with confidence, improve your marketing strategies, and make the best use of our products and resources.
  • Promotion of your best and brightest content on Enjin social media and community channels.


The Enjin Multiverse Program is designed for games in nearly all stages of development:

  • Pre-Production: In case you're a part of a team with a proven ability to deliver, we'll consider well-written, completed game design documents.
  • Production: Regardless of your experience, we'll review playable prototypes, and alpha/beta builds that showcase functionality, user experience, gameplay, mechanics, and art direction. Preferably, we'd also like to see a working Kovan Testnet integration.
  • Post-Production: Your game has shipped, and team members have been relegated to maintenance or creating bonus or downloadable content. We'll consider games in post-production stages if integration makes sense for the overall game design.

We're looking for game developers and projects that demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for collaboration with other Multiverse projects, whether it's working together on a cross-game quest or engaging in reciprocal promotion on social media.

We're after developers that harbor authentic passion for advancements in game design, from blockchain-powered game mechanics to extremely high levels of interactivity in virtual reality games.

Put simply, we want you to be as excited about next-generation gaming as we are!

Go Beyond Your World

We believe that freedom to move gaming assets between virtual worlds creates better gaming experiences.

We believe that blockchain can help game developers create richer, deeper virtual worlds, giving players the urge to explore new game mechanics, and take advantage of new concepts like true asset ownership in order to create real-world value.

We believe that collaboration between developers opens up a host of new creative game design possibilities we're only just beginning to explore.

Following on from our previous early adopter programs, the Multiverse Program now provides you with an opportunity to explore those possibilities and pierce through new technological frontiers that can fundamentally change game design.

Apply now and discover the potential for yourself.

Join the Multiverse

Decrease your marketing spend, create new forms of gameplay, and make your mark on gaming history.