If you're a member of our community, you know that it's been a busy year for Enjin.

To mention a few highlights, we:

And when we say "we," we don't just mean Enjin team members and adopters.

We mean "us"—as in all of you.

Because you're a part of our team—a member of the Enjin family.

In this spirit, we wanted to create a meaningful way to say "thank you" to everyone.

"Thank you" to those who have stuck with us since day one, and to those who will join our community in the future.

"Thank you" for inspiring us with quirky, out-of-the box ideas; providing invaluable product feedback; and coming up with seriously funny stuff, from hashtags (#meltismurder, anyone?!) to epic memes.

"Thank you" for helping us shape the future of the gaming industry.

We wanted to create something special for everyone that has asked if there's a way to earn cool stuff, or to do more to help bring blockchain gaming to the world.

And we think we nailed it.

Today, we are delighted to introduce the Enjin Envoy Program.

What is an Enjin Envoy?

Part brand ambassadors, part affiliate agents, Enjin Envoys are members of an elite force of blockchain gaming enthusiasts equipped with superior skills, industry knowledge—and Enjin's trust, backing, and support.

Are you hell-bent on bringing blockchain to developers, gamers, and people everywhere?

Apply now.

Join the Enjin Envoy Program

Earn 50% commission, score swag, and help us bring blockchain to developers and gamers everywhere.

What are the benefits?

Being an Envoy comes with a myriad of perks:

Affiliate Commissions

Earn a 50% commission for every Enjin Platform customer you refer for 12 months from the day they sign up for a paid account. The sky is the limit for commission!

Blockchain Badge

Receive an exclusive Enjin Envoy badge, which will be sent right to your Enjin Wallet, and become one with your Ethereum address forever.  

Secret Telegram

Gain access to the super-secret Enjin Envoy Telegram channel, where super-secret stuff happens.

Wait... if we just told you about the secret Telegram, does that still make it a secret? Please forget everything you just read.

Enjin Hoodie

Receive a custom hoodie after you score your first paid Enjin Platform referral. Consider this our way of showing how warm and fuzzy you all make us feel—like an Enjin-hug with sleeves.  

Exclusive Rank

Redditors! Make all your friends jelly by showing off your exclusive Enjin Envoy flair on our subreddit.

Event Support

Looking to host blockchain, gaming, or gamedev meetups? We can help by providing free Beam QR codes and a pizza budget to feed your attendees.

Who is eligible to become an Envoy?

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and professions to apply.

If you are confident, knowledgeable, ambitious, passionate about blockchain, and capable of reaching out to people that would benefit from using Enjin's products, then we want you to join!

You might've had experiences as simple as telling a new community member about the Enjin ecosystem via Telegram or walking them through setting up their Enjin Wallet for the first time.

Maybe you write for a blog or website dedicated to blockchain gaming, you're a Twitch streamer, YouTube influencer, or you run a Discord community that covers topics related to game development, blockchain, and gaming news.

Perhaps you teach classes on blockchain or game development.

Whatever your background or occupation, we'd love for you to become an Envoy:

  • Community Members: Whether you follow us on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, or everywhere, take the gaming world by storm and let the Enjin hype go BRRR!
  • Influencers: Share your love of Enjin with your followers, subscribers, and fans on Instagram, Discord, Youtube, and Twitch.
  • Bloggers & Publications: Host your own website? Maybe you're on WordPress or Medium? Add affiliate links and Enjin ads to monetize your blog posts and articles.
  • Educators: Whether you're in a classroom online or in-person, you can use referral links in your gamedev courses to turn your passion into income.
  • Developers: Are you a game developer looking to dabble in blockchain? We'll give you the tools to inspire your peers to explore the blockchain game development frontier.
  • Gamers: Play Enjin-powered games or interested in blockchain gaming? Streaming and eSports aren't the only ways you can make money from playing games. Be part of the movement to bring blockchain to gamers everywhere.  

How do I join?

Embark on a perilous, legendary, exciting quest that starts with...

filling out this boring glorious application form.

We'll do our best to reply to all candidates in a timely manner.

There are no strict conditions you need to meet in order to become an Envoy. Acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one candidate to the next.

Become an Enjin Envoy

Earn 50% commission, score swag, and help us bring blockchain to developers and gamers everywhere.

Christmas in July: Weekly Giveaway

We understand that not every Enjin community member will want to become an Envoy. Some of you may simply not have enough time to get involved in a meaningful way, others may not be interested at all—and that's totally ok!

That doesn't mean that we've forgotten about you.

We deeply appreciate each and every member of our community and hope that our actions and communication efforts speak to that fact.

Enjin wouldn't be Enjin if we didn't throw a digital party every time we launch something new and exciting, so this time we're hosting an entire month of giveaways, featuring $500 in unique rewards every week in July!

In case you'd like to support us by posting a couple tweets and have a chance to win nifty blockchain rewards, hop on over to our giveaway page and fire up your online accounts.

P.S. We're also launching something small (but really cool) next week—stay tuned.

Join Our Weekly Giveaway

Help us spread the word about Enjin and get a chance to win awesome blockchain rewards throughout the month of July.