In 2018, we made our South Korean debut at Unite Seoul—and it was “bloody amazing.”

So amazing, in fact, that it prompted us to establish a dedicated team in Seoul given the high demand for Enjin in Korea, not to mention the fact that Korea is one of the most active markets for games and blockchain tech.

While last year’s event was a great warm up, this year we were armed with various live products, tools, and use cases to showcase to Unity developers—namely our Blockchain SDK for Unity, which has already been downloaded more than 650 times from the Unity Asset Store since its public release in March.

Unite Seoul saw its highest attendance yet this year, with approximately 5,000 people coming to explore the full creative potential of the Unity platform, network and brainstorm with Unity experts and industry leaders, and get a peek at what Unity will bring in the future.

Likewise, Unite Seoul was an opportunity for us to show attendees how to unlock the power and creative potential of the Ethereum blockchain in their games via Unity.

Our efforts to do so were supported by a prime booth location. Set directly at the entrance of the speaker venue, anyone who attended a speaking session was exposed to the Enjin booth.

As expected, we had endless traffic and countless opportunities to explain the powerful ways in which the Enjin Platform and Blockchain SDK for Unity can help developers supercharge their community-building, crowdfunding, and monetization strategies.

Introducing the Enjin Platform

Create groundbreaking blockchain games using any of the world’s most popular coding languages.

Many of our interactions with developers began with the question “How can you use blockchain in games?” and soon shifted to “How can I download the Unity SDK now?” after a bit of explanation and introduction to our ecosystem.

The nature of the Unite Seoul event meant core attendees would be game developers and aspiring developers. For them, the concepts of being able to provide players with true item ownership and join an interconnected gaming multiverse were both inspiring and groundbreaking.

With so many forward-thinking Unity developers in attendance, this was also a prime opportunity for us to invite those planning to integrate blockchain technology to join the Enjin Spark featured adopter program and get an early jump on using our platform on Mainnet.

Announcing Enjin Spark: The New Wave of Enjin Adopters

The second Enjin adopter program is now open—and ready for the next generation of pioneers to join the ranks.

After two exhausting 10+ hour days spent manning the booth, the genuine positive response from developers was all the encouragement and proof we needed to show us that the future of decentralized games in South Korea is more promising than ever, and we’re excited to see the fruits of our Unite Seoul labor.

The First Enjin Korea Meetup

After our second Unite Seoul experience, it was time to host our very first Enjin Korea meetup.

With perceived obstacles such as a far location, it being a weekday event, and three other meetups taking place on the same day, we were a bit nervous for the turnout.

But these nerves quickly faded as more than 120 people packed the house, including local media members who covered the event!

The Blockchain SDK by Enjin is Live on the Unity Asset Store

Unity has listed the Blockchain SDK by Enjin on the Asset Store, putting the power of the blockchain at the fingertips of 4.5 million Unity game developers.

In addition to covering the obvious Enjin-related topics, we were proud to have our first Korean adopter VREX Lab present on how they are merging blockchain with augmented reality.

The VREX Lab team also shared a sneak peek of their upcoming ERC-1155 monopoly-style game Dynopoly, which is set to launch during Q3 this year.

Our dedicated Korea team recently expanded to include developer support, so we were also pleased to introduce our newest team member Ethan in his speaking debut.

We’re very excited to have Ethan on board to assist with with technical questions and accelerate adoption in Korea. In his presentation, he discussed the value of the Enjin Platform for developers and demonstrated minting ERC-1155 assets with the Unity SDK.

The Royal Seal of Sar’Yi

To commemorate our first Korea meetup, we hosted a community token creation event.

The winning token idea, “The Royal Seal of Sar’Yi,” was based on Korean royal undercover agents who carried a special medal to reveal their identity when unearthing corruption across provinces.

The origins of the Empire can be traced to a small village nestled among lush, fertile riverlands. The village was the birthplace of the first in a long, uninterrupted line of sci-magics — wise sorcerers that bent nature to their will with a unique fusion of both magic and science.

7,000 years later, their direct descendants would bend an entire continent to their will, unifying it into the Empire of Sar’Yi Ameos, which was ruled by the most powerful among them. Here, mystical clones known as “shifters” were created by the Emperor himself, forged from his own blood in the fires of sci-magic.

With loyalty to the Emperor embedded in their very souls and the ability to change their physical appearance at will, the shifters were created for a singular purpose: to ensure the stability of the Empire. They would venture into sprawling cities, towns, and villages, often posing as beggars, to survey the land for traces of dissent and corruption.

For these secret missions, the shifters were equipped with a powerful artifact, the Royal Seal of Sar’Yi, which enabled them to requisite horses and soldiers from any imperial outpost and communicate with the Emperor using thoughts alone.

Read more and view the seal on EnjinX.

Last week was an exciting time for us and undoubtedly valuable. We are so excited to see more Korean developers begin using our Blockchain SDK and expand the ranks of Enjin Platform adopters.

What a time to be alive—and be part of this movement.

Our team continues to push forward, so stay tuned. Rest assured, we have a ton of exciting things in store for the second half of the year!

See you in the chat room.