Little over a week ago, Enjin team members packed their bags, boarded metal birds and flew to the largest game developers conference in the world.

While looking at the clouds, everyone wondered about the reception and feedback we’ll get from game developers. Will they be skeptical about the blockchain technology? What will tens of thousands of game industry professionals think about our product?

Will they even understand what Enjin is?

The impact Enjin had at GDC overcame our wildest dreams, hopes and expectations—we were the stars of the show.

Most of us could barely speak at the end of a long day, having spent all of it explaining the Ethereum of Gaming, networking, demoing EnjinQuest, and handing out swag.

We talked with everyone from game development students, lone-wolf developers and indie studios to high-level executives of AAA behemoths and hardware Goliaths.

What caught us in our tracks every single time is the questions that came after the initial explanation of our tech—questions that showed that the person we were talking to understood the potential of Enjin.

More than once, game developers blew our minds with brilliant use cases of our technology.

We’re still trying to roughly estimate the number, but we can confidently state that we’ll see hundreds of Enjin-powered games within the next years.

The Enjin “Money Machine” attracted crowds of people — trust us, grabbing ENJ from air is way harder than it looks.

Our booth was amazing, fantastically designed and often crowded. From morning till evening, people stood in line to try their luck in the Enjin “Money Machine” and check our tech demo.

Deepest apologies for the vertical video — our CMO was jet-lagged for days.

The purple-spattered, 1,200 sq. ft. exhibit echoed with terms such as true item ownership, compound items, Efinity, intrinsic value and gaming multiverses, as everyone we talked to took a keen interest in monetization, security and innovative game mechanics features of Enjin, yearning to hear and learn more.

Enjin CMO Ilija Rolovic and Enjin CTO Witek Radomski talking with two developers with brilliant ideas. Floor was comfy enough due to lack of sitting space. Lesson learned — next time, get more chairs and couches!

EnjinQuest: The Blockchain-Powered Game Demo

You might’ve noticed that we recently announced our partnership with Unity.

EnjinQuest, the game we demoed at GDC, is actually Made With Unity, and powered by our upcoming Unity SDK.

It’s a blockchain-based dungeon crawler—and a successful display of our MVP.

EnjinQuest demonstrates different capabilities and features of the Enjin Coin blockchain game development ecosystem — true ownership, melting, transaction requests, intrinsic value and various blockchain-powered game mechanics, such as a door opening once you have an ENJ-backed master key in your wallet.

Every pickable item in the game actually shows in the user’s Enjin Wallet, and users can melt them back into Enjin Coin or send them to other players.

What’s really interesting about items you get in EnjinQuest is that they would show up in your Minecraft inventory as well—meaning that we also demonstrated Enjin’s capability of build gaming multiverses.

Items collected in EnjinQuest would appear in your Minecraft inventory as well.

Our tech demos were extremely useful when explaining Enjin to game developers,. Instead of just talking about how Enjin works and what it is, we were able to show them a working product.

Transforming the Game Industry

We networked.

We went to Unity, Godot, and various gaming and blockchain parties.

We met some old friends and made a lot of new ones.

Enjin CMO Ilija Rolovic, Enjin Head of DevTech Pat LaBine and Enjin CTO Witek Radomski at Unity VIP Party.

We introduced our product to thousands of game developers and industry professionals at the record-breaking game industry conference in San Francisco—and established ourselves as the leading company which aims to transform the gaming industry with blockchain technology.

It was an exhausting week—waking up early in the morning, grabbing some coffee on our way to Moscone center, managing the booth, explaining ENJ, establishing connections all day, continuing to networking events in the evening.


We had fun.


We’re looking forward to going to GDC 2019.


At GDC, we learned an important thing about Enjin: The demand for our product is overwhelming.

And we’re absolutely confident it will transform the gaming world.

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