The Enjin team is growing.

Pat LaBine has become our Head of Developer Technology, joined by seven new senior developers who will be implementing many of our next-gen features and SDKs in the coming months.

“At some point, someone will break out with some cool blockchain centric gameplay that will melt faces — and at that point a critical mass of developers will realize and embrace the Enjin Coin’s potential”

— Pat LaBine, Enjin Head of Developer Technology

A New Lightning Network Made for Gaming

The most popular cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin and Ethereum—are by their nature slow and expensive. This presents a great challenge for game developers who want to use blockchain in their games.

Since the inception of Enjin, our goal has been to make a highly scalable gaming assets platform that can be used in mainstream games.

Scaling Enjin to Millions of Users

Efinity is our upcoming game-channel network for performing highly scalable gaming transactions.

By opening a game channel with an Efinity network, a game will be able to perform nearly infinite volumes of transactions between millions of players and the game server—at high speeds and nearly no costs.

These transactions remain trustless and verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Efinity will have the ability to support more complex functionality:

  • Basic token transfers and approvals
  • Melting tokens
  • Escrow of multiple tokens
  • Metadata attached to game items
  • Token bundles
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Updating whitelists for bound tokens

Taking It Further: Game Logic

The viral philosophy of decentralized trust in algorithms is taking over the world, and the Enjin Platform and Efinity will give developers a framework to easily build games with decentralized assets and logic.

Once the core transactional features above are complete, we will be working to build actual trustless gameplay mechanisms inside these game channels, which is an intriguing and uncharted territory in video gaming.

Token Bundles

Adding magical gems to weapons and armor is a very common feature in online games. We are introducing the concept of Token Bundles, collections of tokens that can represent new compound items.

Whether you need dynamic items or a crafting system, you will be able to create complex game items using this feature.

Creating a “backpack” of items is now also possible. These token bundles can be used and traded as if they were a single token.

Non-Fungible Tokens

You will now be able to create and trade unique instances of certain token types. These will follow all of the same rules as standard game assets, except that each unit can be identified by a separate ID.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) would be used to tokenize individual avatars, player accounts, creatures, or perhaps signature items with a traceable history.

They could be combined with other assets in Token Bundles to attach clothing or gems to the unique character or item.

NFTs can be used to create creature breeding games like CryptoKitties and more!

Token Supply Models

The original Enjin Coin whitepaper specified fixed-supply gaming tokens, but we have developed a system that allows for different models of token supply:

  • Fixed maximum supply
  • Annual supply % increase
  • Annual supply % decrease
  • Periodic increment/decrement by fixed amount
  • Settable by token minter
  • Smart contract or Oracle

A supply model can be chosen when the item is defined, and provides flexibility for games that may need more items in the future as the game evolves.

The item’s supply model will be part of the item details, in all Enjin Wallets.

Looking Ahead

Our roadmap has been overhauled to reflect our larger team’s bandwidth—and for strategic reasons.

After meetings with multiple game developers who are adopting Enjin, we’ve added new features to support more advanced items systems on the platform.

Speed and scalability has also become a major topic of focus.

Now that the Android version of the Enjin Wallet has been released, the iOS wallet is well under way, slated for release this quarter, with a similar feature-set.

We have also started working on the Enjin blockchain explorer (EnjinX), which will provide a web-based interface with Ethereum and rich browsing of blockchain game assets in the future.

The team will be debuting the Unity SDK, Java SDK, and Minecraft Plugin live at GDC 2018 in March!

Don’t Miss Us at GDC!

Enjin will be the only cryptocurrency exhibiting at GDC this March, and we’ve been offered one of the best exhibit locations in the entire conference.

You’ll find our imposing, 1,200 sq. ft, premium-spot booth right next to industry behemoths like Intel, Google, and Unreal, where we’ll be showing off the our Blockchain SDK in less than two months!

See you there.

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