The dawn of 2019 was action-packed for Enjin in Korea.

As main sponsor of the Korea Blockchain Game Show, we had the opportunity to showcase Enjin’s achievements, technology, and vision to more than 1,000 attendees—all of whom share a common interest in changing the paradigm of the Korean games industry.

Held January 30–31 in Korea’s “Silicon Valley,” Pangyo, the KBGS was hosted by the Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Contents Association, who we recently partnered with to boost cooperation and promote development of South Korea’s blockchain game industry.

This event was a perfect example of these efforts in action.

2019 KBGS recap ft. tons of purple and Enjin Beam QR codes

With an abundance of interesting projects and some of the industry’s best minds, KBGS 2019 was a strong reminder that blockchain technology is here to stay—and Enjin is swiftly taking the lead as a frontrunner for mass adoption.

While similar industry events charge entry fees, KBGS was particularly unique in this respect.

Rather than paying, attendees were instead required to download the Enjin Wallet as their entry ‘fee’—which, of course, enabled them to scan the myriad QR codes we had placed throughout the event, from banners and handouts to our Enjin business cards.

In celebration of the year of the pig, among the 2,700 items available in the QR Lootdrop was our beloved golden Donny (도니)—backed by 20,190 ENJ.

Donny has quickly risen to fame in the Enjin community.

KBGS also differed from many other gaming events and conventions we attend, which are often a combination of enormous crowds, a crazy number of booths, and swag galore.

In contrast, this event was more of a professionally-oriented sit-down conference for industry leaders, blockchain projects, media members, and other attendees to learn about the blockchain industry and gain insight into each project’s vision.

But in a sea of luscious purple, Enjin logos, and QR codes, we felt right at home.

Also in attendance at the event was Cho Seung-rae, a South Korean legislator who came to show his support for adoption of blockchain technology.

Many people have wondered and speculated about how South Korea plans to ease and shape its regulatory framework for blockchain tech, but despite concerns and reservations, the future seems optimistic!

“We will work hard to resolve any regulatory issues and hurdles that may hinder the blockchain game industry.”

Legislator Cho Seung-rae

In addition to wallet downloads and Lootdrops, Enjin was welcomed as the keynote speaker for both days of the event.

This provided us not one, but two fantastic opportunities to capture attendees’ attention, highlight our achievements and future plans, and educate them about Enjin’s top-notch blockchain ecosystem.

One funny incident occurred prior to panel discussions, when the moderator approached us and said: “I don’t know if I should ask this question. It’s probably too obvious. Can multiverse items be used in different types of games? The answer is ‘no,’ right?

This was a gleeful moment for us, as we were able to explain that, in fact, the answer is “yes!” and that such a seemingly unimaginable scenario of items shared across numerous games can indeed be fully executed via blockchain technology and the Enjin Platform.

Check the time ?

After our presentations, many projects and attendees approached us to learn more about the Enjin Platform and discuss potential cooperation, and we were frequently complimented for creating an ecosystem that allows for immediate application and real-life use cases.

Overall, it was truly rewarding to be part of an event full of experts who are all pushing for mass adoption of blockchain technology—and even moreso to see that Enjin is definitely a key player pioneering that path.

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